Enjoy A Country Bed & Breakfast

Cedar Oak Farm is owned by Craig and Dorine Alderman. At this writing they have four children and 7 grandchildren and of course Cedar, their Golden Border Collie who keeps the turkey, squirrels and deer out of the flower beds around the farm house. All you see was constructed, cleared and built by them since their purchase of the abandoned farm in 1995.

Cedar Oak Farm was originally owned by a blacksmith and farmer, Mr. Applegate and his family who lived and worked here circa 1880 to 1910. Mr. Applegate made Conestoga wagons in his shop here on the farm and would sell them in the local community at the Buffalo Head (a farmers market). The original home burned in the early 1900’s but the fireplace stands today in the field south of the B&B. Mr. Applegate began a second log home foundation about 30 yards behind the original site but died before it could be constructed. The farm was abandoned, only leased for hunting over the years until our purchase. Our farm gets its name from the abundance of Eastern Red Cedar and multiple specie of oak resident to the farm.

Cedar Oak Farm is an active wildlife and clean stream research property developing management techniques for all landowners. It is the home of the Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc. (QUWF), the only National Conservation organization based in Missouri, Veteran founded and managed, working on all upland species and clean streams. QUWF is currently the leader in bobwhite quail restoration acres in the U.S., restocking the wild ruffed grouse in Missouri and leading the research on the sage-grouse in Wyoming.

Special Features of Cedar Oak Farm B&B

 The farm home was specially designed to be a B&B, farm office and our home by Ball Architects in Springfield, MO.

Special features include:
  • Stand by power back up system
  • Tornado room built in the basement
  • Dual water heaters with quality well water
  • Extra sound proofing in the ceilings
  • Concrete parking area (added in 2020) with walkway lighting
  • Overflow parking area for trucks and POV with small trailers
  • Extensive landscaping designed by Dorine, flower beds, and decorative fencing
  • We are the only farm with a street light at our gate entrance on Hackberry Road
  • Our driveway is ¼ mile long and has many marked water bars (angled bumps to deflect the many heavy rains), they are not speed bumps but serve that purpose too. Go slow, the wildlife own the place as well.
  • We exclusively use fresh, pure, dark, hand-made high grade maple syrup from SugarBush Farms, Woodstock, Vermont